August 1, 2017

A New School Year Begins

Yesterday started a new school year at the small Klynstra school.  (my mother recommends we name our school but we have never come up with a name we like.  Any ideas?)
This year Abigail is entering 1st grade (and says, "Now that I am a 1st grader I am going to learn so much more.") and Ethan is signed up for PreK.  Naomi loves to be along for the ride and I am sure will pick up more than I can even imagine from watching her big brother and sister.
Knowing Ethan likes to clown around I actually cleared the table out of the school room.  Sitting around a table might work well when he is older, and calmer, but for now he needs his own space.  It also is fun for them to all have their own books in their desks where only they have access too.  Creating pencil boxes for each of them was a big hit!
Naomi won this little desk from the Fairbanks Children's museum earlier this summer.  It is now put together and perfect for our little girl to join in the learning fun.  

Here is to new ideas, new lessons, new adventures and the new school year ahead.

1 comment:

mother said...

Looking good!! My earlier names have been vetoed ;-( but I'll still try.............

Honeybee School
Little School in the Big Woods (NOT by Laura Ingalls Wilder)
Hillside School
Tall Birches School
Kickin' Klynstra Kids School--just KKKKKKKKidding!

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