August 8, 2017

A Little Summer Fun

Josh has worked a lot this summer.  We manage ok at home but one thing I am not up for doing solo is summer adventures.  This past weekend we were blessed by getting to have him home when we didn't expect it.  We spent the morning doing chores but by the early afternoon I was ready to take on an adventure.
 We packed up and were out the door in about 20 minutes.  Nothing like the present to enjoy a beautiful day.  We headed out to the campground/river area that we had gone to with my mother on mother's day. The kids were in the river enjoying the summer sun within minutes.  Why I didn't see that coming I don't know.  Nice that is is a pretty secluded area.
 And as the time went by I felt the responsibility and pressure from the last four weeks fall off my shoulders.
 To be a complete family.  To have another set of hands to hold the baby.  To have someone come along side me and agree life is fun.  It was so good.
And it wasn't just me.  We all needed this little break.  
Home days and simple town days are what this mama can manage.  But I do keep a few packs of hot dogs in the freezer for the times we can be spontaneous and enjoy the summer months we have.
Since we are heading into mid-August I am feeling the pressure of fall coming.  How I love that we got the chance to soak up a little bit of summer with this new baby boy while it is still here.

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mother said...

Be present in today, Sweetie. Worrying about the future t doesn't strengthen tomorrow, it weakens today. Enjoy August 8 for all it has!!

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