July 13, 2017

Jumped The Gun On That One

Due to the nature of this window when we bought it years ago - it didn't have a flang around the edge.  Thus when building this part of the house the window was mounted directly to the boards of the house.  As the years have gone by the house has settled and has taken the window with it.  Thus, the window cracked this past year.  What a bummer.  So recently Josh ripped all of the siding off around the window to get the correct measurement to go purchase a replacement.  Well, what we have here is a custom order sized window.  We are not willing to pay the custom window price for the replacement.  

This fall we have some minor construction projects scheduled for the house.  Josh's dad is going to come up and help Josh get them down when the kids and I are out of town.  So instead of paying for the custom window we are going to purchase a smaller window and Josh will frame in a smaller opening this fall when all the tools are out anyway.    
But because of this change in decision we get to look at a "slightly under construction" look to our house for the next two months.  Yup, we were a little too early and too ambitious without all the information we needed on this project.

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