July 28, 2017

Friday - Garden Update

The garden is growing and it is the time of year when it is fun to be a gardener!  
Fresh broccoli, peas, cucumbers, tomatoes and beans have all been picked and enjoyed this week.  Zachary has been reacting to foods and in order to figure out what foods don't work for him I have had to cut my diet back to mainly fruit, vegetables and meat.  Let me just say, if one is to eat this way summer is the time to do it!  Fresh veggies from the garden keep meals interesting.
It also is a time of year when balance and maneuvering skills are important.  The picture here shows how the beans are growing into the cauliflower.  In addition the pumpkins are growing into the zucchini and in the greenhouse the cucumbers are taking over the path as well as the walls and pretty much one has to walk on tip toes everywhere.  
But there is one little patch of ground that is open and this is where my gardening partner hangs out.  He doesn't love it but someday he will realize how lucky he is - no other kids get to be in the garden.  The "not able to walk on the plants" part of being a baby does mean you get to venture into some off limit areas.  For now Zachary just knows that he isn't in my arms, that doesn't make him happy at all. But being a garden baby will grow on him I am sure.  The season still has a good month to go.

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cabbage patch baby?!

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