July 21, 2017

Friday Garden Update

I have missed out on some garden updates.  I am so excited to share our progress today.  The weather continues to be just what our garden needs and things are growing, growing, growing.  
 We stay home a lot these day and one advantage of that is I am able to visit the garden, even if for 5 minutes, daily.  May and early June are big planning and preparing soil days and late July and August are harvest time.  Right now we are nearing the end of the maintenance period.  The weeding and fertilizing time where the plants are strong enough to care for themselves, but not big enough to have vegetables to harvest yet.  
 But that grace period is just about over!!  This week we have started slowly into harvesting a few things. 
 One issue that came up this week is that the sprinkler we use to water the garden is being hindered by the big leaves.  The broccoli plants stop the water on one side and the bean poles on the other.  Not only that but the water pressure caused damage to the bean leaves as it try to spray through the plants. 
 Thus the sprinkler was moved 90 degrees and placed down in the pathway between the carrots and beets.  This will now cover the garden but not damage the plants.  Fun to have this new option as in the years past the garden never had this lower area.  I have to say, I LOVE our new garden extension. Makes the garden work so much better.  Thankful for Josh who was willing to put in all the extra work this spring to make this new area work.
But as things grow the time of harvest gets closer and closer.  See those tiny green beans?
And the kitchen is ready for sure!  The freezer got its first of 2017 with our first batch of pesto and a cup and a half of shell peas that were blanched.  These hot days of summer with the sun high in the sky make me bold and confident that these vegetables tucked away will help to keep the winter blues far away.

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