July 19, 2017

A Summer of Balance

The other day I was outside with the kids and I snapped this picture.  Just looking at it makes me smile.  I love summer.  Especially this summer.  It is honestly the best I think Fairbanks has ever had. So much sun, warmth, outdoor play.  Just what we all need.  But when I think of 2017 I will remember it as the summer of balance.  Especially this week.
Balancing the play and fun with the kids and getting projects done before school starts.
Balancing being both mama and dad with Josh deep into field season.
Balancing four kids and giving each what they need.
Balancing days at home and busy evenings in town with Ethan's baseball season.
Balancing keeping up during the days with active kids and up at night with a baby.
Balancing the desire to do what I want to do with what I need to do.
Days find my scale tipped in the wrong way but I am certainly trying to keep that balance.  

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