July 18, 2017

A Party Is Ready

Abigail loves to have a party.  I am not really in the position to make her dreams come true and put one together for her this summer, so she took it upon herself.  It took a long time to put together and everything was planned out.  It was a 1/2 birthday party for Anna.
 Even though Anna was having just a 1/2 birthday she was given presents.  Each of the kids found a special rock or flower and wrapped it up in leaves to present them to her.  She was very pleased.
We started our party with soup (made of water, rocks and weeds) and biscuits.  Abigail had thought to make cake pops but sticks kept breaking her balls of mud so biscuits they became.
 Anna was also presented a cake.  This was made of sand, mud and rocks with purple flowers on top to provide the "grape crunch".  We also had a plate of cookies (rocks) and a jar of fudge (mud).
 All of this was eaten with gusto.  I loved watching the kids pretend to take each bite and then throw it off the deck.  After the party Ethan and Naomi kept commenting that their stomachs were super full, ha ha.
 It was the type of party where one could mix their cake with their soup and it was completely appropriate! 
A party where one's hair didn't have to be fixed and baby dolls were encouraged to enjoy in all of the treats provided.

It was the type of party that these summer days of home play are perfect for.  Happy 1/2 birthday Anna.  

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mother said...

OK, so this is one of my all-time FAVORITES. This is childhood's joys in a simple (or not so simple after all the planning by Miss A) event on a summer afternoon. Self-directed and created and enjoyed. Ahhhhh.