June 22, 2017

What A Celebration of Zachary

The lovely ladies at my church planned a baby shower for baby Zachary.  Way back in the spring when everyone was looking at the calendar there was so much going on, and I always have babies that come late, that June 10th sounded like a good day.  Well, our little Zachary decided to come June 8th instead and we have concluded it must be because he is not one to miss a party, especially one for him.
 Josh seriously helped us check out of the hospital the morning of June 10th and drove us to our baby shower.  One of the ladies helped me cut off all of my hospital ID bands upon arrival, ha ha.
 The entire party was story book themed and it was so perfect and fun.  Books on the tables, books on the fire place mantle, books hanging on ribbons made banners around the room.
And the food was all connected to books too:
The giant cabbage book was with coleslaw
The tale of peter rabbit was with veggie sticks
Red Fish, Blue Fish was with a bowl of colored gold fish crackers
Green Eggs And Ham were with deviled eggs dyed green
The three little pigs was with pigs in a blanket
The Little Red Hen was with a loaf of bread
Winnie the Pooh was with a jar of honey
Blueberries for Sal was with blueberry jam
The hungry, hungry caterpillar was with cupcakes and green tortillas and cream cheese all rolled and cut into the shape of a caterpillar.
And then on top of all the gifts he was given, Zachary was loved, kissed, hugged and adored at just shy of two days old.  We were all so thankful that we made it to the party, and that we then got the chance to go home and be tucked into our bed for time to rest after all the love we had been given.  What a way to celebrate our little man's arrival into this world.


mother said...

Such loving and clever church friends. I enjoyed reading the way the food coordinated with the books. Such a special homecoming.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing out all the food and book combos- that was so very clever and cute! I am so glad you AND z-man made it to the shower together.
Fun memory for sure!

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