June 9, 2017

Our Number 4

What a busy and unexpected week we have had.  Tuesday morning at 3am I started to feel "off".  Thursday at 3:42 pm our little baby boy finally arrived.  Who would have ever thought that our number 4 would take so long to arrive.  How ready we were to meet him.
 I will soon take the time to write his birth story but today he deserves his introduction.  

Zachary Davis Klynstra
arrived 6/817 at 3:42pm
9 lb 14 oz
22 inches long
He fits into this crazy little family perfectly.  We are so very happy he is here.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I am so happy for your new addition, and look forward to watching the family grow! I love following your blog! Tammy Larson

mother said...

This beautiful, wonderful picture is so full of smiles and JOY that it is blinding!!! You look so complete and perfect. I am SO thankful for Zachary's safe arrival. He sure took his time coming out, resisting your body's efforts until he had no more choice. He just didn't realize all the love he'd find waiting on the outside.

mo said...

PS-You look outstanding (absolutely) for just having been in a long, drawn out labor and given birth to an (almos)t 10 lb baby less than 3 hours before this picture was taken. I am awestruck. Good for you, Kathleen!!!!!

hxriley said...

Oh Sweet Zachary---you are such a gift! What a beautiful family God has created!!!! And Kathleen--So proud of you. I love you!

Anonymous said...

You have to frame this family photo- I think it is the best you have! Especially you in your orange robe.

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