June 12, 2017

Morning Help

Sometimes I am a little slow in getting downstairs in the morning if one of the kids is in need of extra help picking clothes, making a bed or cleaning up morning time books.
But since the kids love to be helpers, there really is no telling how they will "help" get breakfast ready as I make my way to the kitchen.  Life around here is rarely full of dull moments for sure!!


mother said...

Oh my my my! How did he ever get that second bin on top of the first! This is TOO FUNNY!!!!! You should enter this in a contest. I'm still laughing (while holding my breath at the same time.)

hxriley said...

Knowing your kids--and what climbers they are--I would say the roof is reachable! Hilarious photo! I love their creativity!

Anonymous said...

What was so high in the fridge that he needed to get too buckets... maybe he was getting the tissues on the top of the fridge for Abigail!

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