June 6, 2017

How We Celebrated

Last Friday our little girl turned 3 years old.
We spent the entire day celebrating her with all of her favorites.
 Breakfast started us out with her favorite: gooey eggs and sausage accompanied by phone calls and being sung to by family and friends.
 Mid-day saw us in town for a special lunch and time down at the river to feed the local ducks.
 Then off to Pioneer park to ride the horsey-go-round (carousel) and then the train.
 Since pioneer park just had their grand summer opening over Memorial day it was the perfect time to celebrate Naomi on her day.  She had been asking after these much desired rides for months!
 At home she got her special requested dinner of homemade mac n' cheese with cucumbers, salad and grapes.  How this girl loves grapes!
 Opening presents is always fun but the one present your brother and sister pick out for you - always the best one.  Love how this little tradition from my childhood has carried out into the lives of my kids!
 So very happy daddy was on hand for the "some assembly required" gift that I had no idea was going to actually require any assembly, opps.
 And finally getting to present Naomi her much requested Panda bear cake.  Looking back at pictures, I realized that I didn't start the special cakes until Abigail's 4th birthday.  Now each birthday seems to be a game for the kids to "stump mama" with their requests.  But I was pleased with how this little panda bear turned out.
And of course Naomi's favorite stuffed panda, and inspiration for her request in the first place, sat front and center with her as she enjoyed her treat.  Well to be truthful, she licks the frosting off and leaves the cake.  But when it is your birthday you can do just what you want!  What a fun day we had celebrating Naomi and taking note of the special things she loves on her day.

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mother said...

Making people feel special and important, that is one of your best gifts, Kathleen! The kids and Josh are so lucky to have you as a mother. :-)

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