June 15, 2017

Heavenly Gifts To Celebrate 36 Years

Today I celebrate my birthday.  What a busy month June has become in our house.  As I think about all of adventures and experiences life has given me for the past 36 years I find such joy in my five greatest gifts from God.
 My little mother, planner, motivator and petite spinning girl.
 My adventure seeking, always moving, super loving and hugging red haired boy.
 My strong, helpful, cuddly, and focused little blue eyed girl.
 My 9 lbs of snuggles, three chinned, long haired and breath taking little boy.
All added to my best friend who keeps me stable, loves me, encourages me, dreams of the future with me and celebrates me today.  Today I celebrate 36 years of life and I sit back and wonder how was I so lucky to be blessed so abundantly.  


Popeye said...

I remember when you were the size of Zack--Happy birthday, my little girl.

mother said...

My thoughts are like your dad's, exactly. It actually took you 6 weeks to become the size of Zachary (you arrived at 6lbs13 1/2 oz). You were the sweetest, sleepiest and most peaceful of all babies, so content to snuggle in our arms. And here you are with your very own, brand new snuggler. I know you can't possible believe this, but 36 years from today you will look back and wonder how those years could possibly have flown so very quickly. As a mother, you'll be able to celebrate the birthdays of those men and women yet still feel them in your arms as the tiny babes they once were. Happy birthday to my precious (baby) girl!!

hxriley said...

Happy Birthday Kathleen---YOU my friend are such a gift to so many!! You are a beautiful mommy, wife, and friend. 36 years looks so wonderful on you :) I love you & praise God for His blessings and presence in your life!


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