June 1, 2017

He Loves It

I posted in our 2017 year goals that we wanted to sign Ethan up for baseball this year.  Timing isn't really great as we are now looking at three nights a week, right after dinner, where we need to have this boy on the field - for two months.  Once I learned of the schedule I have been tempted to pull out of this promise to him.  Maybe another year when we weren't expecting a baby.  But he has been so excited.  The battle has gone round and round and round in my head.
 And so we have decided to try it.  Let me say it is going so much better then I could have ever imagined.  Oh, the actually getting to the field on time has been hard but once we are there, this boy's smile.  It is priceless.  To watch him throw, bat, catch and admire his coach.  This is right where our little man needs to be this summer in a year of big changes to our household. 
And to have been randomly placed on the Yankee team, with his mama a New Yorker, well it is great.  He is going to learn so much and have so much fun this season.  Adding a baby will make life a little challenging but it doesn't stop learning and growing that is for sure.  I never played ball but my brother did and it was a big part of my life growing up.  Being on the ball field once again watching my son learn the love this sport is pretty special to me indeed.   

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hxriley said...

yes, his smile.....:) He's loving it!!!!

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