June 30, 2017

Friday - Garden Update

Once again, Fairbanks, Alaska has had a great growing week.  Making sure the garden is watered is a main issue as the sun has been so nice and warm.
 Following up from last week, I did get time to fertilize and weed this week.  Josh held the baby while I fertilized last weekend and Zachary is learning to lay on a blanket in the garden while I weed.  He doesn't love it but we are learning how to make it work.  Josh gave me a watering barrel in the main garden this year and it helps so much with the fertilizing.  Not having to go in and out of the greenhouse and using that water.  I add the fertilizer right to the barrel and it is a faster system.
 Our biggest issue became evident this year.  With the great new fence in front of the garden I planted pole beans this year as well as bush beans.  Figured I would see how the different varieties grow.  My problem, I planted the seeds when tired and pregnant.  The transplanting also took place when tired and pregnant.  Thus I have pole beans in the middle of my garden not anywhere near a fence.
 And a whole bunch of bush beans taking up space along the fence with no desire to climb at all.  Oh what a silly problem.  But Josh has fixed this issue by adding a strip of stand alone fence down the middle of the garden for the pole beans and I have learned to always label my starts and not to trust my memory.
What a good summer for growing.  

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