June 23, 2017

Friday - Garden Update

This week we had more sun and that was intermixed with a little splash of rain.  Honestly folks this is perfect garden weather.  If things continue we might have our best summer ever.  Do I dare to say that so early in the season?
Here is a view of the entire garden, expansion included, from the deck.  In the expansion area you can start to see the beet and carrot seeds coming up.  Our biggest change in the garden this week was I gave in and went to the greenhouse and bought three new zucchini plants last weekend.  Ours just didn't make it through that cold spell and summer wouldn't be summer without zucchini.   

Projects this week:  the weeds.  As much as the vegetables are growing so are the weeds.  I really need time without Zachary to not only weed but also fertilize the main body of the garden.  The greenhouse I can do easily with him but the outdoor area is a little harder to maneuver.  
The weather has also been lovely enough that this week we moved the lettuce boxes out of the greenhouse and onto the deck.  Yeah for easy access for summer dinners.  We have already had a BLT night and all loved the taste of our own garden lettuce.
The new rhubarb planter box is also doing well.  Takes a little more work to get the watering can out there but Zachary and I do it each day and the rhubarb is thankful.  It is growing so well after having its roots torn apart just a month or so ago.  The small strawberries planted between the rhubarb is also doing ok.  Not flourishing but not dying either.  Progress!


mother said...

Looking really good! I like the new gate. And the handrail planters--good job, Josh. Strawberries and rhubarb-one of my favorite combinations. Just add a crust.

Anonymous said...

It looks fantastic- and so organized and professional- you are amazing!

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