June 16, 2017

Friday Garden Update

Recently there was been a lot of sun and heat in Fairbanks with a good mix of rainy days.  The perfect recipe for garden growth.
 The garden expansion area was planted just days before Zachary was born.  It is full of small carrot and beet seeds that are all popping up and bringing us delight as well as the pea and bean starts.  For some reason I didn't take a picture of the whole expansion area but will do that for next Friday.  It looks great.
 The sunshine has our greenhouse pushing 100 or more degrees everyday and the plants are loving it. Baby cucumbers are in our future.
 And little Zachary and I use our wakeful night hours to go out and pick the suckers off of our tomato plants.  You have to love living in the land of the midnight sun where you can garden with a newborn at 2 in the morning.
Besides our zucchini, which suffered from the cold at the beginning of the month and still haven't rallied, everything is growing strong.  If I am up for going out and about one of these days I will go get a few zucchini replacement plants and we should be back on track.
A little picture of me and my gardening buddy.  


Popeye said...

Zack does not seem to be bothered by the midnight sun.

mother said...

How nice to be in the garden with a quiet little friend. Good old Moby is back in use.

Popeye said...

Zack really has a green thumb--don't know what may happen when he starts to suck it. HaHa


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