June 7, 2017

Cleaning Up

This spring has been a fun and muddy one for the kids.  Fun and MUDDY!  

The other day was a nice and "feels like summer and maybe some dry days ahead" kind of day.  So with a broom I headed down to the kids small playhouse to help remove some of the layers of mud from all of the lovely mud pies, fudge and brownies that the kids have been making from the spring time mud they find.  I quickly realized that the job was going to take a little more then a pregnant mama with a broom.
So with that, the little house was moved to the driveway and the kids were given a bucket of soapy water and rags.  I have found that little else keeps kids happier longer than water and rags with a job at hand.  This is really a chore they love.
Ahh, time for the summer time cleanse.  Since the washing the kids have moved more to making "salads" out of flowers and grass instead of all the mud inspired desserts.  A good shift for sure.
And as the kids scrubbed down in the driveway, I was on the deck doing a little of my own scrubbing.  Baby carseat and pack n' play have been scrubbed down, sun dried and put back together.  One more step closer to being ready for our new little man.

1 comment:

mother said...

Oh. oh. oh. Tasks I LOVE!!!
Scrubbing things clean with a bucket of suds out in the sunshine. I enjoyed your telling of the change in menu from muddy chocolate desserts to fresh salads. Cute.


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