May 17, 2017

Where I Stand

Ahh Summer.  This wonderful time of year when the chore list is long and we are thankful that we have a daddy made playground in our side yard.  Ethan's big accomplishment of the year is learning to pump on his swing solo - wonderful!!  He and Abigail swing half of everyday.  
And with that what I hear from my little miss is, "Please mama push me, push me, push me."  So where the swings don't really let me get more projects done, it does let me spend time with the kids.  Swing set conversations are the most hilarious by far!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Maybe if I can't make family dinners happen for quality time and discussions I can just use the swing to get Matilda to tell me her deepest feelings at the end of each day... I like how you are thinking!!!!


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