May 8, 2017

What Was, What Will Be

Well everyone, I have news.  The projects of the summer have finally begun.  We officially have moved past the planning, talking and preparation stages into the hours of work.  Well, Josh has.  
Project #1:  Our center planter box/weed area has been an area of discussion for sometime.  The decision this year is to pull the rhubarb plants out (the only good thing growing here) and take out the planter area all together.
So before the rhubarb starts sprouting for the year it has to be moved.  Josh has taken down the birch fence that once ran along the edge of the grass area (aka the fence that protects our well cap from delivery trucks) and is replacing it with a large and established planter box.  In it we will plant not only the rhubarb but hopefully strawberries as well.  We have always wanted to do strawberries but really don't want them in the main garden where they can take over.  Growing in and around rhubarb plants works much better.
And when daddy has a project to work on nothing else is as much fun as watching.  Josh gets lots of company, "help" and interference these days.  

Summer 2017 has begun.


lindajo said...

It is going to look so much bigger with the planter gone!

Anonymous said...

You and josh are such hard working people- I believe that you are teaching your kids by example the hardest lesson to teach with words. Keep up the good work!!

mother said...

I am celebrating the disappearance of that planter and open access to your door way. :-)

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