May 4, 2017

Unknown Preparation

As a geologist I am inclined towards the earth and the non-living parts of it.  Certainly dynamic, but non-living.  My mother, she leans much more towards the biology and living end of the science world.  The flowers, trees and bushes around her house are full, well thought out, cared for, attended too and admired.  When I was a child she would take us on expeditions where we would pick armfuls of flowers, dig up shrubs, work at pruning bushes and more for hours.  I loved being with my mother and would always go along but honestly, these were never my favorite things.
But God has blessed me with a daughter who is growing up to be very much like her grandma.  Right now our world is still very grey, brown and bland.  Yet, as we wait for the leaves on the birch trees to start budding we do get to enjoy the first signs of spring growth - the pussy willows.  Abigail is completely enthralled.  She begged me for days to go on an expedition with her to find pussy willows to cut and fill our home with.  Busy with other things I put her off for a few days but seeing her real "need" for this we headed out one day, just the two of us.  Our big adventure took us no more then 1 1/2 miles from our home but together we drove all along the roads and than ventured into a near by gravel pit to find the much longed for pussy willow branches.  Since moose also love these treats we had to bend a lot of very tall willow trees to clip a few twigs here and there.  But together we filled a vase with pussy willows and my daughter glowed.  I didn't mention to her any of my childhood thoughts as we ventured out together, this was her trip not mine, but my mind was full the whole time.  Laughing at myself and at how God prepares us for things when we don't even know it.  I know how to look, cut and bring home a whole lot of lovely living nature from the days I spent watching my mother gather and enjoy.  Maybe all those years ago I wasn't completely engaged in what we were doing but I was learning.  How very blessed I am to have the knowledge to teach Abigail and see her enjoy the things that she loves so much.  Plus I am pretty lucky that my mother is usually available to answer a text question or two if I have forgotten just the best way to proceed.    


Anonymous said...

Awe- that is such a happy and appreciative perspective on your childhood- I like to hear you reflect like this. Abigail is such an adventurer with a lot of tenacity!
They look very.... nice... on your counter! haha

mother said...

This warmed my heart and made me cry.
On another note-- I'm so happy I'll be able to soon admire and feel the softness of the spring-time harbingers called pussy willows.

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