May 1, 2017

Tis The Season

Some people in Alaska don't call spring "spring".  Instead they call this time of year "break-up" as the ice and snow piles break apart.  The combination of snow melting away and living on land that is mostly not established into a lawn means a lot of mud.  So for me, I just might call this season "laundry time".
This time of the year is really wonderful.  I love how the kids and I spend hours upon hours outside.  Temperatures above freezing but still very few mosquitos to bother our play.  If only I didn't have to cook I could be outside more!  As a result, the end of every single day finds me with a dirty clothes hamper at the door.  The kids strip each and every piece of clothing off before entering and walking through the house.  With the presence of puddles, Ethan actually performs this ritual 2-3 times a day.

Each night I program a load of laundry to be finished as we wake in the morning.  If I miss one or two days I really am overwhelmed!!  But I do love how all those loads of clothes now dry on the lines outside instead of in.  The long daylight hours mean the electric company doesn't see us using our lights but we most certainly are using the washer and the boot drier.  How thankful I am for our trusted boot drier.  Letting the kids get soaked in puddles every day and then having all they need to start fresh and dry the next morning to enjoy life once again!  Spring, Break-up, Mud Season or Laundry time.  Doesn't matter what it is called - we are there and we are loving it.

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