May 24, 2017

Those Special Moments

One of those little trials of being pregnant, and not sure of Josh's schedule, is evening plans are often hard to set into place.  A party, picnic, outing or more have to be pretty flexible.  I can do most of what is needed all day but my energy falters when it comes to adding on evening activities without Josh.  He loves to be apart of all our plans but sometimes work changes at the last moment and he isn't able to come.
 Thus making one of the fun parts of my mother's trip being that an evening out could be put into place and I knew I would have help and company.  Lucky for all of us the truck was packed, kids were loaded and we were about to start the engine when Josh got home.  Because even if an outing is planned without him, it is always better with him!
 Since mother's last summer visit two years ago we have discovered a great little campground not all that far away from our house to the north.  A fun place to visit before camping season actually starts and we have most of the place to ourselves.
 Olnes Pond Campground is a sweet little place, tucked away but fun for all.  We pulled out all the kids bikes and they were able to bike around the pond while mother and I walked and Josh rested with the fire.  Serving my family a picnic meal, outside, away from home and chores and in the fresh air really puts me into my happy place.  Adding mother in as our guest just made the evening better!
 Chicken salad on a camp plate, rediscovering what outside biking means, finding little patches of ice to help satisfy my snow craving, and super stale marshmallows leftover from last year's camp season filled our evening.
 The pond was still frozen, the trees still didn't have leaves and the air was crisp but evidence of beauty outside is around whenever someone looks.  Abigail was super excited to start up her tradition of always decorating our picnic tables with the beautiful bits of nature she can find.
 The chores at home make up a long list of things we need to do.  Yet even still, spending time as a family out having fun beats it all. 

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