May 25, 2017

The Craving Is Real

When I was pregnant with Naomi, I craved snow.  I was surprised that most of this past winter went by and I was able to walk by piles of snow and felt no urgency to take a bite.  Well, that changed around March.  Something in my vitamins, my hormones or what, but this pregnancy became crazy snow craving once again.  This is a fine craving to have when you live in Alaska in the winter, but as the sun came out in May and the snow melted away I am finding myself at a loss.  

With Naomi, Josh actually froze buckets of snow for me in the freezer.  He offered this time, many times, but I always answered, "No, because I really don't want to have this craving anymore and if there is no snow maybe it will go away."  What a fool I was.
People really wonder about this silly craving/pica and if it is real.  Let me tell you it is.  Not a day goes by that when I think of snow my mouth automatically starts to salivate - I kid you not!  And no snow in the yard, on the street or anywhere.  It is killing me.  

With that I go back to this picture over and over and over again.  My dear husband on our anniversary trip.  Since we went down into the Alaska range there were patches of snow here and there.  Giving in to my pleading as we passed snow area after snow area, he pulled the truck over and hiked into the hills to get me some.  Oh, how wonderful it tasted.  I ate and ate and ate for the whole 30 minutes remaining to our destination.  Upon our arrival I was on the verge of hypothermia and thus spent the first 40 minutes in a hot shower warming up.  But oh that taste, I couldn't get enough.
Two days later, on Mother's day, we went out to a campground and there I discovered a large section of river ice.  Not snow or that wonderful taste, but a good alternative to what I craved.  Desperate I kicked at it and Josh, once again, saved the day by coming with a hammer to break me off a chunk.  

Why am I writing this huge, long blog post about a snow craving?  Well, because no matter what I am doing I think of it.  Those last two days of snow and river ice that I have had.  I tried to dig into a melting gravel pit of snow at Home Depot last week but let me tell you, it wasn't really worth it.  Too covered in mud.  

I know from my experience with Naomi, that once this baby is born the craving will leave.  Oh, I need it too.  How I long for a craving that can be bought at a store.  Pickles anyone?  Nope here at this house it is snow.  Good old snow with a little dirt in it and no birch seeds.  That is what comes to mind first thing in the morning and last at night.  Strange I know but well, it is where we are at!  


mother said...

My poor, iron-deficient daughter. In nursing school they spoke of pica being a craving of starch or clay. Yuck. Snow is a better altenative but only if it is clean and fresh. Be strong, my girl, and this will soon pass. On a positive note, it has no calories!!!!!!

hxriley said...

My special best friend :) I love this post & love you. When others talk about cravings--I laugh bc yours is by far the best. Only a FEW more weeks!!!!!!

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