May 18, 2017

Summer Fun

There are a lot of parts of summer that just aren't fun.  Like when mama is very concerned about getting the garden planted before a baby.  The past few days have been intense and busy work.  The kids and I are outside ALL day but mama isn't necessarily playing with the kids.  A hard combo.  We are all doing fine and I promise that it is just garden week and really, this has to be done!!
 But when Grandma was here last week.  Well that was a different story.  Even if mama had something to do the kids still got lots of attention.
 One very fun thing was to treat grandma to a tea party in the tree house.  The house was built last summer when Grandma couldn't visit and during her January visit, well it was just cold.
Old cranberries, grass, fake food and pretend tea.  Grandma enjoyed each "mouthful".  I love seeing the joy on the kids faces as I write this post because it reminds me of where we will be next week (me playing with the kids again) - after this garden is put in.  A time for everything, hard as that might be.


Popeye said...

You always need to remind the kids not to give grandma too much tea it keeps her up at night. Fun picture.

mother said...

That tree house/ship/fort is so AWESOME!! :-) I truly could live in there were it to have screens and plumbing. And a lead cord for power. haha And I don't even have to duck to walk inside. What a wonderful, fun place to play.

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