May 22, 2017

Planter Box Complete

The last post on our new rhubarb planter box was a little lacking.  Due to all our summer fun and work I haven't had a chance to share, not only the finished box, but the fact that it is now full of rhubarb.
 The key to transplanting rhubarb is to move it before it really starts to bud.  The plant goes through enough stress in the move.  My mother is an excellent plant transplanter.  She holds none of the unknown, tentative, I am going to destroy this plant mentality that I have.  So happy she was here to help me out.  We dug up, chopped up and moved huge chunks of rhubarb from its old home into its new home.  The split up pieces ended up being plentiful enough that we went from three plants to four and even had enough to share with a friend to start her rhubarb garden.
And since then the great summer weather we have been having has taken care of the rest.  One thing rhubarb needs is lots of water.  I learned this the hard way after the one dry summer we had.  Usually we get enough rain that it takes care of itself but on the drier days we need to help it out a little.  Lucky for me the new planter box is high enough off the ground that little people don't walk through it.  But it is also low enough that one of the new chores for the kids is that they get to fill a bucket with water from the greenhouse and then water our newly growing plants.  A great chore and activity that is fun, because really anything that involves water is fun.

Two weeks in and the rhubarb is budding and looking great.  We won't get huge plants this year but that is to be expected.  So excited for our new yard change and progress.

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mother said...

And sometimes the water in the bucket actually makes it all the way to the rhubarb planter!!!

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