May 2, 2017

Now That Looks Better

Last month I planted our tomato and cucumber starts.  They have been growing great but honestly, the presence of just 2 1/2 flats was pretty pitiful when you think of the size and extent of our garden.  It is always a good feeling when the week of "a lot of planting" occurs and things start to look a little more rounded out.
Last week saw the addition of 72 broccoli, 48 cauliflower (a combo of cheddar and purple), 8 pumpkin and 6 zucchini starter seeds being planted.  The peas and bean will be started in egg cartons in the greenhouse within the next 10 days or so but for now, our indoor nursery is looking good.  


Mother said...

72 broccoli!!!! Wow.

Anonymous said...

go girl go!!!


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