May 23, 2017

Lonely Hours

I don't have a lot to say today.  This week is a little cooler and rainy.  Makes me realize how much energy I get from the sun.  Josh is into his summer schedule at work.  How we love those winter work weeks of 40 hours and daddy home in the afternoon.  But alas spring and summer sampling events have started and for a chemist that is the reason for most of what he does.  
It does make me realize how much I look forward to seeing him and talking to him at the end of the day.  I am thankful for the week mother was here.  Made those days go by without being lonely.  Hard to think of someone lonely all the while being surrounded by little people who are talkative and loving and loud but it happens.  We fill our days with each other, friends, visits and more but does make family time all the more special.  Last week we just sort of ran off the adrenaline of my mother's visit.  This week I think on it and wish it was coming up instead of ending.  Good visits are like that and I am thankful.


mother said...

Good picture of us all--you look so pretty in your dress and I am actually NOT wearing my old pink sweat pants of 1980. hahaha I'm praying for your heavy heart today, that God will lift you up into a day of joys.

hxriley said...

This is such a beautiful photo!!!!!

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