May 30, 2017

Group Effort

Preparing for a first baby can be a very quiet event.  A husband and wife quietly putting together a nursery, a crib, a theme and more. Waiting for that first baby.  

Preparing for a sibling, now that is a different event all together.  One thing is for sure, our kids are super excited to meet baby Zachary.  We are busy with life and the baby is growing as needed so up until now there haven't been very many baby changes at home.  But now we are on the home stretch that is changing a little.  The kids can't help but get involved and over joyed with each change.

Josh has been super busy with work and yard projects but I have had plenty of help.  The quiet husband and wife preparing has looked more like a three ring circus of fun, and it is helping the kids count down the days until their brother finally arrives.
 Up until last Friday we had a hospital bag that had started to be packed and that was about it.  But with this crew we are one step closer to baby.  Ethan was in charge of assembly and all of the screws and screwdrivers in assembling our family baby cradle.  
 Then the girls stepped in and took their job of oiling down the cradle with lemon oil very seriously.  Naomi can point to each point she freshened up with pride.  
The mattress cover and bumper pads originally sewn for Abigail, and used for all four, were put into place.  We did find the baby his own mobile the other day and we all agree it looks great.  Each day all three kids come in and look at the baby cradle and declare that it is perfect and they can't wait to see how much Zachary loves it.  

A baby cradle originally put together for my brother 40 1/2 years ago is all shined up and ready for its 7th baby.  This makes us pretty pleased indeed.


Popeye said...

I remember tying a rope to that and rocking Jonathan while watching baseball on TV.

Mother said...

Added to previous comment: the cradle was across the whole room and the rope draped a long way. Only a dad could think of that kind of baby soothing.

You know I am so happy to see that old cradle oiled and ready for Zachary. And your grandma, who gave it to us originally, would be tickled were she still here with us.

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