May 26, 2017

Friday Garden Update

What a rollercoaster of a week this has been for our weather.  We went from the end of spring, to early summer and now, with frost predicted for tonight, back to winter.  Boohoo for us.
 This picture was taken last Sunday.  Josh had finished putting the fence up on Saturday.  Sunday after church he raked out all of the beds.  Then we laid down the black plastic and we were ready for planting.  That night I started in.  Sun on my back I transplanted our pumpkins, zucchini and cauliflower plants.  Fairbanks has an unspoken rule that you don't plant before June 1st.  But we have a baby coming and the weather has been beautiful and well, I was ready.  Monday it rained but even still, I managed to get most of the broccoli in.  Tuesday saw the rest of our little broccoli plants settled into the soft soil.  

That night the temperatures dropped.
Tuesday night saw me up pacing at night staring out the window.  I talked to Josh of my new plan on Wednesday.  We bought a large piece of plastic and made the garden itself into a mini greenhouse, at least for a few days.  Josh has been working his long days so Wednesday night at 10:30 saw us outside in the rain working to protect these little baby of plants.  Lucky for us they are super low profile right now so I am not worried too much about crushing them with the plastic as I am about saving them from the cold.  

Next Friday's update should be interesting...

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hxriley said...

Your expanded garden is AMAZING!!!!

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