May 29, 2017

A Day By The River

Happy Memorial Day to all.  How thankful we are to each and every person this nation has lost to bring us freedom to live such abundant and free lives!  This memorial day (or mario day as Ethan keeps calling it) we will be spending at home.  This pregnancy is coming to an end and the more days I have at home the better!
But two weeks, on Mother's day, we spent a day by the river.
It was a great day of no chores, no phones, no obligations except to spend 5 hours looking at rocks, throwing rocks in the river, playing, warming by a camp fire and laughing.
Days like today when I am home I wonder if it would be better to be out for another adventure before the baby.  These family days in the woods are so much fun.
But each day has its purpose.  Today a little more work will be done on the garden.  An infant carseat and pack n' play will be scrubbed down and dried on the deck.  This little boy will enjoy a normal bedtime as that will change with the start of baseball season tomorrow!  
Yes, this memorial day we will talk to the kids about the sacrifice made for our country.  We will stay home and be a family and finish things that need to be done.  But really I do believe my heart will be in the woods, with the family, and my dear mama who was with us just two weeks ago.  There will be many more adventures in our future when this little boy is here and enjoying life with us!

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mother said...

Ah yes, the fun day and the rocks! Josh skipping them with such an expert toss, the kids coloring them, and Abigail enthralled with the variety and filling her pockets with them. Those same rocks that clunked around in your washer the next day. Haha
It was a very good day exploring and eating hot dogs and corn on the cob cooked in the fire. I am so glad I was with you all.

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