April 7, 2017

Year One Is A Wrap

This happened yesterday!!
Wow, our first year of homeschool is done.  When I mention that to people they say "DONE?".  The bottom line is we learn at home so learning never ends but the getting up in the morning to "get school accomplished" is done.  For now.  Ending mid-April was intentional when we started the first of August.  We weren't pregnant then but we knew we hoped to be.  We also knew that once spring arrived school inside would be much harder to accomplish.  That being said, it snowed last night.  But how excited we are to turn in our last quarterly report, take the days in a relaxed manner and take our days outside more and more.  

Homeschooling had great days and hard days and how happy we are that we took this route.  For this child and this year, it was just what worked for our family.  How blessed we are to live in such a homeschool supporting community.
Listening to Abigail read yesterday, watching her do her math and asking her Spanish vocabulary all made me stop and marvel at how much can be accomplished in 8 months.  How grown up she has become; on so many levels.  Kindergarten is over, 1st grade here she comes.


Popeye said...

Great job Miss A--and keep eating that Miracle Grow.

Mother said...

Oh, how she has changed-and not just in the learning dept. She looks like she has more confidence and, dare I say it, attitude. So cute. Congratulations, Teacher Mama, for a job well done.


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