April 25, 2017

Watching Snow Melt

Poor Josh.  This springtime season is so hard on him.  The to do list for the summer is so long and he is as prepared as he can be.  Cut lists for wood, price lists from different stores for the wood, tools set aside and then the waiting begins.  Watching snow melt, never a fun activity when you want the ground to be thawed and ready to work.  Each day finds him outside throwing snow out of piles to melt faster, using an ax to chop frozen dirt and prying railroad ties off of each other where they have been frozen together.
Come July we will be so tired of all the projects but this waiting and anticipating period - so hard on the patience for sure.

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Mother said...

I remember going to the shady places (under the giant cedar out back, remember?) that held the stubborn snow and shoveling it out into the sunshine. But, the month of May is WAY too late to be dealing with frozen ground and snow piles, I must admit. I just couldn't handle those long and interminable winters...