April 27, 2017

The Season Begins

The end of last week brought our new summer hive of bees.  
Since I am not really in the position to be stung, or even wear the bee coat, Josh has graciously step up to take on this job until the baby arrives.  A pretty big deal since Josh would really rather be anywhere else than surrounded by thousands of bees each time he opens the hive.
And since Josh needed a little help with establishing the hive, the kids and I took on the role of baby-sitters for our neighbor's great-granddaughter.  He helped Josh and we helped him by watching the baby he takes care of.  It was so fun to see how the balance of four kids was for part of a day.  Bottom line, when I brought out the "baby" toys the kids were really more interested in those than the baby herself.  Adding a baby of our own soon should bring an interesting dynamic for sure.


Mother said...

I'm with Josh!!! Whew, just the buzzing gives me the creeps.

Popeye said...

That is a very big bee Josh has clinging to his leg--the bees are almost as big as the Alaskan mosquito.


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