April 18, 2017

Something New

I saw a picture awhile back of a fun Easter idea and decided to go for it.
Josh took Ethan with him to our church's men's breakfast on Saturday so it was a perfect time to do something special with "just the girls".  
We spent our time making an "empty tomb" cake.  Using just things we had on hand (thus the yellow and green jelly beans.  We at least picked out all pink, purple and blue ones).
It was a fun thing to do and gave us time to talk about how we get to celebrate an empty tomb on Easter.
Our civil war play mobile soldiers might not look like Roman centurions but regardless the story doesn't change.  What a wonderful promise it is to us all.  The tomb is empty and Jesus conquered death.

1 comment:

mother said...

This is fantastic! I mean it. What a memorable and appropriate way to teach the impact of Easter morning. I am crazy about the Roman soldiers. Those darling blonde little girls with their smiles are just the best! Once again, great job, Mama!!!!!


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