April 4, 2017


Josh inherited an older dog mushing sled from his dad years ago.  And for years Josh has piled the kids in and pulled them around the yard.  Last year the kids fit all three across.  This year they fit two across with one standing on the back.  But soon that fit will be a little too tight.  This week Josh's design brain took over and the sled was modified.
With a little scrap wood from here and scrap wood from there, he converted the regular sled more into a bobsled.  On the first test run Ethan and Naomi sat in back and Abigail sat in front.  The side by side situation is still a little tight but the kids all love it.  Next winter there can be one on the back and then one in each seat.  Riding the snow machine around with dad, the most favorite activity of all.

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Mother said...

I sure am glad I got to ride in the sled this winter. As nice as those seats are, I'll never be able to fit now.


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