April 21, 2017

Right Where You Are

I love that our school room/toy room/guest room is right off the kitchen.  If it were in the basement or upstairs I really do believe it would ever be used.  But being as it is right there, near the hub of all life's business, it is always busy as we are all in and out of it together.  (Love that it is close enough to hear a pot of water boil or the oven beep.)  But really, sometimes that is even too far away.
I snapped this picture the other day when I was working on cooking something that involved hot oil, thus no kids being invited to come join in.  I might be just one wall away from the school room but that wasn't close enough.  Spanish books, puzzles, letter writing, picture drawing, dancing and acrobats all occur in the kitchen when that is where mama is.  I often wish our house was laid out in a manner that I could fit a kitchen table IN the kitchen since even the other side of the raised bar is too far away.  Josh always laughs at this because when he is alone with the kids he says he often has to go looking for them.  They scatter.  But how blessed, and honestly tired, I am that where I am - there too will be the kids.  Thus I need to find more outdoor projects to do as I wait for the snow to melt because it is too nice this week for these kids to be in!!  Garden days are coming.

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Mother said...

I really do recall those days. Little people right underfoot. Years will pass and they'll disappear into rooms with their own music on, doing homework, and you'll have to make 2 cups of hot chocolate and go visit them in their space. All will be reversed. You'll see.....