April 12, 2017

Girls' Weekend 2017

Heather and I met while we were both attending UAF.  I married an Alaskan man and built a house in Fairbanks.  She married an Army man who moved her away.  In the 6 1/2 years we have not lived in the same town we have done everything we can to connect.  While she lived in Washington, I would make multi-city plan tickets and visit on my way to or from Fairbanks and Austin, Texas.  But then her husband switched to the Coast Guard from Army life and they moved to North Carolina and try as we might, we couldn't get together.  Last year they moved to Kodiak, Alaska (an island in the Aleutian Island chain of Alaska).  She arrived in February and we had our first girls' weekend in March.  The kids and I ventured down to Kodiak last July.  But since then I have become pregnant with my number 4 and she has HAD her number 4.  It was time to get together once again.
Last Friday I drove to Anchorage and she, and her precious baby Abigail who just turned 4 months old, flew from Kodiak to Anchorage.  We met and had three wonderful days together.  We got outside, we shopped, we relaxed, we wandered, we talked and talked and talked and ate great food.  How thankful we are to our husbands who gave us this time and for God who has kept our friendship strong and healthy through all these years.  We might live far away from each other but we do live in the same state, for now.  It is something we are both excited about and won't take for granted ever.  How fun it was for us to both have one little baby to attend to and open days of uninterrupted conversations.  Girls' weekend, what a blessing indeed!

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Mother said...

Good friends, what a blessing! So glad you know to cherish one another so much.

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