April 19, 2017

For The Baby

Each week that goes by is one that is closer to our time of meeting our new little man.  We are all so excited.  There are so many things that really need to be done.  Several of those projects are in the laundry room.  I found myself in there the other day determined to clean it up so that I could sew the bibs, fix the elastic on cloth diapers and fix a bumper pad that really need to be accomplished.  Yet instead I found myself pausing when I found my big spool of rope, uncovering my machine of all necessary mending and pulling out some of this and that variegated thread just asking to be used up.  
What a peaceful project it was to sew a few little baskets to sit on Zachary's changing table.  A place for his hairbrush, onesies, diaper pin or lotion.  A little something just for him.  Oh I still have the other projects to do but now the days are getting sunny and it is getting oh so hard to make myself go into my dark laundry room to accomplish them.  Maybe one of these evenings I will feel inspired.  But for now Zachary does have one thing to his name, even if no changing table is even assigned to him yet.  There is still time, excited as we might be, plenty of time. 

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Anonymous said...

They look great and I am glad you took the time to enjoy making them in anticipation of his arrival.
I love my baskets you made me that separate socks from hair bows.


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