April 24, 2017

Easter Egg Hunt - Alaskan Style

I am not sure how I missed posting these pictures last week when I talked about Easter.  But regardless, I don't want to miss out remembering these smiling faces last Sunday.
Three years ago I took the kids to one of the many Easter egg hunts in town and was traumatized by the craziness, pushing, noise, grabbing and dashing that occurred.   The kids were too and we came out of the situation with panicked looks and one egg.  
Since then we decided that conducting our own hunt, in our own yard, for our own kids was the best way to do it.  Slow, calm, fun and full of laughter.  
One jelly bean every few colored eggs, hidden in and amongst the white snow and white birch trees make for a burst of spring time color.
The kids love it, Josh and I love it.  It is a fun tradition, even if Easter sunday is cloudy and 34 degrees.  Childhood memories and experiences - always trying to keep them simple and fun.

1 comment:

Mother said...

What a funny assortment of Easter baskets. hahahaha It must be a challenge to really hide the brightly colored eggs in white snow.

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