April 28, 2017


It is so fun to see the daylight hours stretch out longer and longer.  To feel the sun warm our skin more and more.  To be outside, comfortably, for more hours upon hours each day.
And fun to hear shouts of joy from the kids when they discover things that the snow slowly uncovers.  The other day it was the sandbox, still full of random pots and pans left over from last fall's play season.  These crazy kids played in the box for hours.  Our little sandbox that was originally built for one 16 month old is really becoming too small for three growing kids.  Yet regardless, these three didn't bat an eye at the cramped conditions.  Only joy has been found in old toys refound! 


mo said...

This is just TOO CUTE. Honestly, I got such a kick out of them so delighted in the lost stuff in that sandbox. Despite how cold the sand must have been, (brrrr, little hands), they played for hours. :-)

Anonymous said...

That is really cute that they dug like archeologist for their forgotten toys in the melting ice- so funny!

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