April 14, 2017

Colors Of Easter

This has been a fun year for Easter for us.  Abigail, and mostly Ethan, are really starting to "get" the importance of this holiday.  I love when we can move beyond jelly beans and baskets to purpose and understanding.  Not that the candy and baskets aren't super fun to enjoy as well but grasping the gift of Life and salvation - amazing.
 Miss Naomi of course keeps us grounded and helps us to remember that even though the big kids get it, most holidays are still "new" each year to her.  When I mentioned this week we were going to dye eggs Abigail and Ethan cheered.  Naomi answered, "why?"
 And so we were able to take her on the journey of just why we dye eggs.  How we cook them first, how we prepare the dye and how the colors of spring come out on each pretty egg shell.
 One thing about dying eggs with kids, they don't absorb the color fast enough!  So yeah for coloring the eggs first.  I mostly helped Naomi with her name, flowers, faces and more.  Ethan was intent on only using a white crayon so it would appear like magic and Abigail set out to create a different story on each egg.
All in all it was a wonderful time and I have to admit, an activity I love to enjoy on the deck.  At almost 3 I hope that Naomi is able to tuck this memory into her mind so that next year she can join in the anticipation of all this Easter season brings.  Jesus is risen, He is risen indeed.

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mother said...

I just love the pretty colors of the eggs. And the intensity of the artists at work. And the sunshine on the deck. And the lack of winter coats...


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