April 3, 2017

April Arrives

Over the weekend something wonderful arrived to Alaska.  A drop of warmth.  The rise above freezing temperatures is a first for us since October and it is so very welcomed!
The first puddle jumping at its finest!
And a little girl who is super excited that she can examine the rocks in our gravel road once again.  Her words, "Oh mama, I have missed seeing all these pretty and wonderful rocks all winter long."  Yeah, that pretty much makes a geologist heart sing!


Mother said...

You have a girl after your own heart, for sure!!!! How wonderful!

Mother said...

Seeing Naomi standing next to the jumpers then getting upset because she got splashed reminds me of a certain big sister who wanted to float around in the pool but had a fit when a drop of water got her wet. Remember???

Popeye said...

Looks like Miss A is looking for lost teethes.

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