March 10, 2017

What It Takes

Days are busy and so often chores and parenting go all day and into the night.  This isn't a problem, or a pity party, just part of how things go these days.  But sometimes this pregnant mama needs to slow down.  The problem is not much keeps my mind off the to do list and I am up and going again.
Well the other day I didn't feel good.  I took a long rest and then really wanted to rejoin the family (all of whom were in the basement playing with Josh's legos) but knew I wasn't up for the chores that I would face.  So when I wandered downstairs I brought with me a puzzle.  An adult puzzle!!  Something of the likes haven't been seen around here for a long time.  Over the course of the week ahead I would go to the basement when the kids played and work on a piece here and there.  In the evenings Josh would find me lost for a hour or two putting this picture or that together.  Really it was a wonderful world to step into here and there.  As I finished it up I declared that not another can come out for a long time as it makes me a very distracted mother.  Josh disagrees and thought my time was rest was good.  So maybe I will let me strong will hold out for a day or two and then another puzzle just might find its way to the table.  We will see.

One fun side note:  Abigail isn't one that loves puzzles, she never really has.  Ethan loves them!  He would help me with the big puzzle and even fit a few pieces correctly, how happy he was.  But more often and not if I sat down to work a little on it he would run to his puzzle pile, bring one back and work on it next to me.  Hey, if the kids learn from example then maybe me getting lost into the distracting world of Charles Wysocki isn't such a bad idea. 

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Mother said...

Good fir you! We always liked those fun Wysocki puzzles best. I'd like to join you. 😉

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