March 16, 2017

Up A Little Later

With the arrival of daylight savings, the return of the spring, and the realization that the kids are a little older...a shift is taking place.  For years we have eaten dinner and then put the kids right to bed.  But as we move into this new season a change is needed.  After dinner time is becoming more and more a time of contented play.  A little school work one on one, an art project or two, the start of a family movie or a game is taken on.  Time when we are full, content, all together and relaxed.
No, this slight shift of a half hour later in bedtime hasn't made any different with wake up time but it has been good for us all.  A little more time to be together, that is never something we mind at all.

1 comment:

Mother said...

Nice. I can understand extended bedtimes for the older 2, but is Naomi OK with it at her younger age?