March 3, 2017

That Mess Of A Corner

I have a shelf that is the back of the kitchen and looks out into the living room.  It was a way to use the space when putting in a corner into the kitchen cabinets years ago.  Well that cabinet is sort of a disaster.  It is used for our town lunch box, picnic tupperware, candles, and more randomly used but wanted items.  The top drawer is used to hold the kids coloring books and they are into to it all the time.  I called that cabinet my bomb area.  It was always a mess and I was always in a hurry when I needed the items or put them away.  

Honestly, there are never enough time in each day to get done what needs done, let alone the extras, it seems.
So recently Josh came up with an idea.  He took the doors off the cabinet and added three sturdy drawers in their place.  It is so much easier to organize things into drawers instead of stacking things into a big space.
He then reattached the drawers to the bottom drawer and created a great masterpiece of a space.  What was once a disaster has now been organized into reasonable space. 

All of these house projects are just what this nesting mama, who can't prepare a place for the baby, needs.  Makes me so happy to know that in a few months when I am stuck sitting and nursing a baby for hours I will look around and see completed projects instead of just a to do list.  That brings peace and contentment for sure.  

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Anonymous said...

What an incredible builder and designer he is! Neat thought that you want to nest but don't have a baby place to get ready. This cabinet is simply ingenious.

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