March 22, 2017

That Favorite Time

I mentioned last week that we have pushed bedtime back a little.  Oh the return of the sunshine, even if it is still so cold!, has been wonderful.  This extra time at the end of our day - it is becoming my favorite.  Not each evening lets me have one on one time but I try.  I try to put the dinner dishes aside and find the one child who is close by and we enjoy something together.  The other night it was Naomi hanging around so while we colored together I asked her some questions and want to remember her answers.
Naomi at 2 1/2:
What is your favorite things to do? - play with her grocery cart, go to the children's museum and go get things (shopping) at Fred Meyer.
What is your favorite food - dog food ("really Naomi, dog food?"), ok no I guess it is ice cream
What made you happy today? - Going to see the play at the children's museum ("what about the play?"), the bangs ("what about the bangs?") the bangs! ("well, ok")
Are you my buddy? - No I am a girl, the new baby will be a buddy
What will you call the new baby? - Jumper, blah ("really? What will I call him?") Zachary ("But you will call him jumper, blah?") No, hehe, I will call him Zachary too.
Will you take care of the baby? - Oh, yes and if I go out  snow machining I know the way home and will show him.  
As I sit here late at night remembering that 1/2 hour with this girl I smile.  I don't remember all I asked or all she said but hold on to the connection that the time brought.  Life is so busy, days go by full and fast; I am thankful for these moments.

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Mother said...

Ah, yes,. Absolutely yes.

I still remember snippets of funny things you said. Our family called them "Kathleenisms". Remember?


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