March 20, 2017

Spring Break

Last night I talked through with Josh all we have going on this week.  Awana, district science fair, doctor appointments, mooseketeers, gymnastics and more.  So busy.  The week after, not so much but this week we are going to be in for it.  But last week, ahh last week was spring break for the public school kids.  This meant that everything was canceled, and that I rejoiced.  We left the house one morning to go to town.  Otherwise we were home!  I told Abigail that since everything was canceled it was a week to focus on school.  At first this didn't sound super pleasant to her but really it was perfect.  Time to do math and then play, lots of art projects and lessons, a whole spanish unit was covered because we had the time to work day after day on each step.  It was good!  
And when you are home for day after day there is time for the extras that we all love.  Like the day I declared leftovers for dinner and thus all our time in the kitchen could be cooking lessons one-on-one.  Ethan started the day with homemade chocolate pudding.
Naomi was super excited about cracking eggs into cookie dough with me.
And since we don't have a 4-leaf clover cookie cutter, or green food coloring - opps, we made green sprinkled sheep dogs and sheep for St. Patrick's day.  The Irish are shepherds right?  Went with my theme of shepard's pie and green milk for dinner on St. Patty's day.

Abigail, how in the world did I not get a picture of you cooking that day?  But I promise it was a three for three day - amazing.  Abigail rounded out the day with making Hot fudge sundae cake.  The promise of fresh cake made eating leftovers a little more enjoyable for the kids!

Yes, being out and about to all good things are fun.  We learn, we grown, we see friends, and we get things done.  But a week where we are given the green light to just be, that is the best!

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