March 9, 2017

Special Days

Yesterday was one of those randomly special days at our house.  A day that is a necessary part of getting us through these days in March where it seems spring will never come.  (Call me fussy but I am tired of waking up to -30 temps.) 
 It also was a holiday for us that meant Abigail's weekly cooking lesson could involve a new dessert, she was pleased!
 This little boy of our is officially 4 1/2.  How we love the silly, relaxed and fun traditions we have of celebrating 1/2 birthdays.  This is really the first time he anticipated this day.  Still working out all the kinks I did have to go behind him and let a few people know that yesterday wasn't his actual "birthday" but a 1/2 birthday instead.
 A day of his choice in the three meals of the day, a little outings and no chores to do.  Something that helps get through the long year until the big day each September.  The kids favorite part is where I sit at dinner and remind them of Ethan's birth, his arrival home for the first time, how we celebrated each of his birthdays and all the things he can do and has learned since his actual 4th birthday.  
My favorite parts of the day were when asked that each person say something special about Ethan, Abigail said, "He is my best friend."

And when putting out the specially requested warm milk and cinnamon rolls for breakfast Naomi said, (with her finger wiggling over the food) "Can I please have some real breakfast mama.  I don't eat this stuff."  

Happy 1/2 birthday to our little man.  How we love him so.

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Mother said...

Very dear. That picture of his "up to something " grin is very much like his dad when he grins that "heeheehee". Don't you think?☺️


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