March 15, 2017

Planting And Prayers

Over the weekend I planted the first of our 2017 garden seeds.  Tucking little tomato and cucumber seeds into soil is always a huge leap of faith each year.  Faith that the water, sun and soil will provide what that little seed has waited for and plants will grow.  

This time of year is cold in Alaska.  The sun is returning so there is the thought of spring and warmth but it is all a tease.  -20 greets us most mornings when we wake up and more snow falls by each afternoon.  Snow tunnels, shoveling, scrapping ice and navigating slippery walks are so boring and common.  Talk of the elusive spring fills talks between friends.  The kids beg not to need their gloves and hats and then regret those decisions right away.  

But spring and summer are coming!  We have faith that this will happen.  To do list and supplies lists fill the "non-craft" side of our fridge.  Any extra cash is being tucked into envelopes for dirt, fence, gravel, and outdoor wood projects.  The snow is deep but faith is strong that the sun will be stronger then the cold and melting will happen.
And with all this comes the promise of our baby boy.  He is with me always, kicking and nudging me to remind me that with summer he will come too.  I tucked these seeds into the soil the other day and prayed over the garden we will have, the summer we will have, the baby's arrival, the shift and change our family will experience, the joys, the hardships, the projects, our focus and all of the promises God has for us.  Gardening and pregnancy, situations where faith and a trust in God's plans for our lives are so evident to me.  Days go by, will we be ready for all that is to come??

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Mother said...

Took me a second or two to figure out the photo. Very clever. I especially recall relating to the tulip buds that were so swollen they showed the color of the pretty flower tucked within that teardrop-shaped bud, so ready to burst into bright and fresh flowers in my springtime rock garden. I was ready to burst with your sister tucked inside me. When arriving home from the hospital 8 days later (8 days! Terribly long time...), I first noticed those same tulips, now tall and full of brilliant colors. You are right, we mothers have a lot in common with seeds tucked into fertile soil.

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