March 14, 2017

On The Road

Our library has a great system with our local University of Alaska Fairbanks Alaskan Museum.  They have a single family pass that can be checked out for a two week period.  It isn't something advertised so, it has to be an item I remember to ask about.  Once in a rare while I am lucky enough to find it "checked in" when I ask.  Last week was one of those lucky times.
 Thus, the kids and I took homeschool on the road last Wednesday for some fun.  It is really a wonderful museum and I love seeing how much more grown up the kids are each time we get to go.
There are kids activities but a lot of big kid/big people learning goes on too.  It is fun for me to see how their interests and questions grow with each time we visit.
The morning of our outing I was tired and really considered just returning the pass and staying home. There would be no harm done, right?  But after a few hours of this crew exploring, learning, touching, and loving I am so happy we made a day of it.  What fun we have together!

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